Fast Tax Refund Online

Income tax forms, return preparation and free filing can be done online with the help of software like TurboTax, or a tax services company like TaxBrain. Expecting a refund? Their 2-Day QuickAccess tax refund loan program cuts through annoying IRS red tape and the funds are deposited into your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

Nobody wants to pay more income tax than they have to! Get help with your tax forms, filing, and tax return preparation, either with software (like TurboTax) or an online web-based service like TaxBrain where you don’t have to buy and install any software.

State income tax information is available online from each state government website.

How it works: you get online information on preparation of form 1040, payroll tax, tax table, and the tax act here, plus services provided by the irs. Then you decide whether to prepare your own return. You can use TaxBrain or turbotax, or just prepare your own form.

If you have income over $150,000, a tax attorney or certified accountant may save you more than their fees if they prepare your tax return. Choose a lawyer who
specialises in tax preparation.

Tax liens? Get advice and information online on how to negotiate with the irs. Discounts and payment plans are possible.

Use these resources to pay less taxes and keep out of trouble with the IRS