Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans are available fast with the lowest rate online – countrywide, from California to Florida. Get the best rate for refinancing and debt consolidation

A Home Equity Loan can repair your bad credit with debt consolidation or provide a line of credit for investment opportunities. For a first mortgage or second mortgage, get the best online rates here. Our lenders specialise in loans in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Florida, Nevada and other states. If you are refinancing, get your home equity mortgage fast at the best rates here.

Fixed Rate or Variable rate? If interest rates rise more than two per cent and stay up for the term of the mortgage, a fixed rate will cost less. If interest rates fall or stay within one per cent of present rate, a variable rate will cost less.

You will need an appraisal for your Home Equity Loan, at your expense. Be sure the appraiser is approved by your lender, or you may need to pay for another appraisal. Clean the yard, vacuum the floor, cut the grass, wash the windows, fix and paint the widow trim. Make the place look as good as you can for the appraiser.

Your loan amount depends on your income, the value of the home, and your other debt and assets, as well as your credit history. Don’t be shy about declaring child support or disability payments. It all counts as income.

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