Home Inspection

Home inspection services protect buyers from costly repairs to new home purchases. Find an inspector franchise online and get a general home inspection with checklist report by a licensed inspector, with school training and certification, to reveal hidden damage in a house

Get a home inspection before you purchase residential real estate! A home inspector can find hidden defects that require costly repairs.

Software to produce home inspection forms and a checklist are available for you to do your own general home inspection, but someone with experience and training may find problems the average person would miss. Home inspection companies give their franchise inspectors a comprehensive course that includes a class in hidden problems and certification as a trained home inspector.

Careers in home inspection are available from Florida to San Diego. Franchise opportunities are available in Albuquerque, Chicago, Tampa, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and other cities.

Some lenders offer a free home inspection with a home equity loan. If you are selling residential real estate, you may want to get a home inspection from a major franchised inspector to show prospective buyers that the home is in good condition.