Life Insurance

Get a life insurance quote for term and whole life policy rates online if you need protective life insurance coverage to provide an adequate settlement. Find low cost policies from life insurance companies that compete

A Life Insurance policy is for a term (amount of time) or for your whole life. Term policies are often sold by mortgage lenders or credit card companies to cover the amount owed to the lender. These term policies are usually expensive and are only protective of the mortgage lender or credit card company, not the policy holder!

Get an online quote on life insurance from a mortgage broker to find affordable coverage for the best rate. Mortgage brokers represent many insurance companies, so they can write coverage for high risk clients.

Whole Life insurance is the best investment. The younger you are when you start your policy, the lower your rate will be, and the sooner your policy will be paid up. Paid up means no more payments and your life insurance is there for the rest of your life.

Insurance agents work for one or two companies. They can only sell the policies their company provides, so they may sell you a policy that doesn’t fit your needs.

Be sure that your life insurance policy has a residual value! Most term life insurance is worth nothing at the end of the term. Whole Life policies have a cash value. When you retire, or need money later in life, you can cash in your life insurance and use the money if you choose.